well finally!!!

finally i have been able to post an entry on lj....

i have been trying to post entries from my p.o.s. phone lol

but anywho, i is here :DDDD
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So I saw an ad for a local train show last night that will happen the day of Wrestlemania 26... I really wanna go to the train show and check it out.... if i remember correctly it was last year or the year before that i went to one with alison and i liked it even though i was just browsing around lol

Now, something to do on my B-Day weekend... i wouldnt mind going on a train ride this year for my B-Day... i have never been on a train in my life, so i'm hoping that if alison wants to go on a ride with me

Just let me know lol


If someone screams "THE WORLD IS ENDING" what would you ask for?

So far i have one answer and that answer comes from a co-worker and his response was cookies LOL

Feel free to pass this question around lj to see what kind of answers you can get.

i'm really really sorry

alright, i'm gonna straighten a few things out here lol

i'm sorry if i made anyone confused or pissed off at me for my last entry

i should have pointed out that the last entry was pointed towards one of my old elementary friends that moved to california

he said something to me that was about my past and i yelled at him about it because i hate my past being brought up

he now has blcoked me on AIM and LJ (completely removed me from friends list lol)

so i'm really sorry if i hurt anyone
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i'm done being...


i'm sick and tired of being nice to people and doing good deeds and getting the FUCKIN shaft by doing so.

everyone can go FUCK THEMSELVES!!!!!!

i do a good deed to one of my very best friends and then that person has blocked me on almost everything and it just really ticks me off to point where i'm just gonna scream FUCK THE WORLD, and pull a kamikaze stunt on something.... but everyone knows that i wont do such a thing, because i'm way too fuckin nice
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AJ Styles


alison wondering if by some chance you blocked me on AIM accidentally

i know i can get annoying alot and i do apoligize lol

and i am sorry for dropping off some money for ya for gas, i totally forgot that you always do carry extra cash on ya LOL....... it was a nice gesture but i didnt need to do that LOL, so once again i'm sorry

Many Names

I have been called many nick names, biggy, biggy smalls, etc.  That leads to what happened earlier at work.

Jamie was doing his best to piss me off all night (examples: waiting until its time for me to do my clean up for him to go on break and letting Natalya go on several smoke breaks by burying me with 6 or 7 checks and him not coming into the kitchen to help out.)

So Jamie comes in the kitchen and asks me whats wrong, i was so pissed off with him i finally told him what was wrong instead of ignoring his fuckin lazy ass.  I told him that i'm sick and tired of him being lazy and waiting until its time for me to start my clean up so i can go home to start his break.  He then states he has a had a pounding headache all night since he started working so thats why he acted like that all night.  I then SREAM back at him BULL FUCKIN SHIT, you always have a headache, your always lazy and you always wait until its time for me to do my clean up in order for you to go on break. Now we were dead like always between the hours of 1am and 2am. WHY THE FUCK DIDNT HE GO ON BREAK WHEN I ASKED HIM IF HE WAS ON BREAK AT 130am AND HE GOES NOPE AND I DONT FEEL LIKE IT BECAUSE I'M NOT FEELING WELL. Too FUCKIN bad dipshit.

So I'm in the kitchen spitting and sputtering and cussing out anyone who gets in my way, Christina (the 2nd server) comes into the kitchen and told me that she hates seeing me like that and i told her that i hate being like this. She then calls me her Gentle Giant.  I broke into tears after she told me that and after she gave me a hug so i could calm down and finish cleaning up the kitchen. I then went out to each table that was out in the dining room and apoligized for my behavior while they were eating in the restaurant.

After i clocked out Christina and I took a walk around the block to talk somemore and I seriously told her that i'm done working with Jamie because he pulls alot more bullshit, and i do mean alot more than what i stated earlier in this entry.

I have never acted like that for a very long time and i hate being in that kinda mood.

My new name at work when i'm working with Christina now is Gentle Giant.
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